Friday, December 10, 2010


Democracy never took place in Malaysia government since year 1957 when Malaysia got the independence from the British imperialism. The rulling government (UMNO/BN) manipulates the world democracy in order to win the peoples heart and trust to keep supporting them to rule Malaysia until now.

Malaysians government is a racist and religious oriented. They are struggling to defend one race to keep them in the safe side. They create barrier among the races and established an exclusive right for those who belongs to Malay race. Democracy is been misused and obscured with their own agenda and issues.

They hold and election for every 5 years to show that they practice democracy which turns out to be another scam of their shitty politics because the democracy is just surfacely done and bears too much hidden lies. All the leftist political parties involved in the election have very limited rights and spaces to express their feeling and issues. Everyone has very limited freedom of speech. All the medias are being controlled by the rulling government and no one in the left wings can appear in the media to spread their ideas and opinions.

So, what is the role of democracy? Malaysian government (UMNO/BN) has become too arrogant. They infuse hatred into people towards the oppositions. Election become one symbol of power when by whoever gets the majority votes seems to have rights to suppress and hate others. The right wings political movement, they all are big liars!

(Explanation of old manipulative democracy – song by Osmantikos)
diambil dengan sedikit ubahsuai dari split Osmantikos/Distrust

notakaki : ini tak bermaksud aku pro mana-mana parti,tapi ada otak tak kan 
                tak reti² fikir lagi? (huh...petrol+gula naik harga lagi)
                so, bersedia atau tidak, bolos saja dinding itu! ala, nak jd negara maju
                lah katakan apa barang pakai minyak subsidi!

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